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Editorial Webinar: Mobile broadband and the first responder: Use cases in the station and the field

A single connectivity technology will suffice for certain IoT applications, but the real magic is being realised when two or more complementary IoT technologies combine. Increasingly, solution providers are looking to make multi-mode connectivity a springboard for more complex and ambitious IoT solutions. Emergency responders...

Next-Generation Networks for First Responders

  How First Responders & Communities are Depending on Wireless Networks First responders are a vital component of communities, working to identify threats and treat the injured. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, emergency medical services (EMS) treat 25 to 30 million patients per year....

Cradlepoint White Paper: Trends in Connected Technologies for First Responders

Digital and connected technologies are transforming first responder organizations by increasing accountability, improving first responder safety, and enhancing triage and treatment. However, these new technologies can create new challenges if they are not implemented correctly, which can consume already limited budgets and precious man-hours. This...

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