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How can telcos seize the trillion-dollar blockchain opportunity? Collaboration and unity (Reader Forum)

Disruption is an overused word, often describing a potentially more significant than anticipated growth cycle rather than genuine creation. However, when a dramatic shift toward new ways of doing business occurs — there is true disruption afoot. Telcos have a real opportunity to disrupt...

Kagan: Can PayPal stay ahead of the competition?

The world of mobile pay or electronic payments has been exploding with growth in recent years. PayPal has been the leader in this space for the longest time and that has not changed. Year after year they continue to face growing competition, but they...

Orange receives green light to launch mobile financial services

Orange will launch banking services in France in 2017 through Groupama acquisition French telecommunications operator Orange confirmed it has received regulatory approval in France and Europe to acquire 65% of the capital of compatriot financial institution Groupama Banque, which will be renamed Orange Bank in January. The companies...

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