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ETSI expands focus on remote testing events

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute is teeing up remote testing events as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to shifting meetings for standards work online and conducting more webinars. ETSI said this week that it will hold its second Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything...

ETSI touts NFV interoperability progress, though complex challenges remain

Results from a recent ETSI Plugtests event showed near complete success in some NFV test schemes, with work still needed on more complex operations. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute touted significant success from its recent NFV Plugtests event in Spain, which included network...

ETSI open source MANO work launches Release One stack

ETSI continues to move on its open source MANO work in support of telecom NFV plans, releasing the latest OSM stack focused on VNF, SDN controller support The European Telecommunications Standards Institute’s Open Source MANO initiative continued to feed software into the management and orchestration...

ETSI Mobile Edge Computing ISG releases trio of specs

ETSI’s Mobile Edge Computing ISG looks to define MEC terminology, lay out technical requirements and use cases for mobile network deployments The European Telecommunications Standards Institute released a trio of “foundation-level” group specifications through its Mobile Edge Computing Industry Specifications Group, which it claims define...

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