EMEA: Industry groups challenge EU’s approach to net neutrality

Four industry groups issued a statement  on Jan. 26 that the European Union's proposed net neutrality rules shouldn't force them to treat traffic on their networks equally. The statement was backed by ETNO, GSMA, Cable Europe and Make the Net Work – groups that represent a number of carriers...

EMEA: EU considers lighter net neutrality rules

The European Union is considering a more relaxed approach to net neutrality – even though the European Commission passed a fairly strict interpretation of the concept in April that would ban operators from prioritizing data traffic on the Internet. The newly elected commission, which is now led by...

EMEA: To adapt or die under the EU’s new digital agenda

Neelie Kroes, the outgoing EU digital commissioner, fired some parting shots at telcos last week, telling them to “adapt or die.” Speaking at a Brussels conference held by the European Telecommunications Network Operators' association (ETNO), she said that sometimes “the telecoms sector is its own worst...

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