5G cybersecurity: 3GPP vs. NIST—understanding the standards

  5G is very much an evolving technology and will be for some time as the 3GPP continues to refine the standard and vertical-specific use cases like autonomous manufacturing robotics and remote surgical procedures become a reality. As such, 5G cybersecurity needs to be equally...

1+1=3: Small cells plus DAS (Reader Forum)

That math looks wrong, so perhaps we should explain? To shamelessly co-opt a quip from my Corning colleague Bill Cune, “Small cells and DAS go together like chocolate and peanut butter.” In this article, we’ll discuss the compelling math that really makes the headline...

Application Note: Practical eNodeB Transmitter Measurements for LTE and TD-LTE Systems Using MIMO

The use of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) severely complicates the process of measuring eNodeB power and modulation quality in LTE systems. The difficulties include the fact that spectrum analyzers have just one receiver, while two or more receivers are needed for complete demodulation...

eNodeB Simulator How is an eNodeB simulator used?

eNodeB (enhanced Node B) simulators are an important piece of test networks that are used for a variety of user equipment tests. eNodeB simulators run as only one part of a simulated networks, so that interactions among the Radio Access Network and Evolved Packet...

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