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Ericsson and Vodafone 5G trial cuts network energy consumption in half

Vodafone UK intends to deploy 1,500 of the new Ericsson radios across its network by April 2022 Ericsson last year warned in a report that 5G has the potential to "dramatically increase" energy consumption, arguing that is "an industry responsibility" to address this reality. This...

Well, technically… 28% of US households have at least one connected device: Amanda McGregor, NXP (Ep. 19)

Director of Product Innovation at NXP Semiconductors Amanda McGregor discusses the impact on energy consumption of the growing popularity of smart devices in our homes and what can be done on the hardware level to ensure device optimization.

Keeping the IoT green by reducing e-waste

Environmental caveat: e-waste New technologies are fighting an uphill battle to reduce the environmental decay from century-old processes that are both inefficient and wasteful. The "internet of things" has the potential to reduce emissions from those processes and create a truly green earth. But while green use...

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