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Dish Network set to lose $3B bidding credit tied to AWS-3 auction

FCC set to revoke DE bidding credits from Dish Network controlled Northstar, SNR Dish Network looks set to lose a $3 billion bidding credit it received as part of its controversial action during the Federal Communications Commission’s recent AWS-3 auction. Dish acknowledged in a Securities and...

FCC DE program reform looks to bolster rural service, eliminate fraud

The FCC adopted a Report and Order to reform its DE program following claims of fraud While the Federal Communications Commission pushed off specific rulemaking tied to the planned 600 MHz incentive auction scheduled for early next year, the FCC did move forward with plans...

FCC could revoke Dish Network’s $3B DE bidding credit

The Wall Street Journal reports FCC looking at DE abuse The Federal Communications Commission is reportedly looking into revoking the $3 billion bidding discount Dish Network pocketed during the recent AWS-3 spectrum auction. The Wall Street Journal reported that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler had instructed his...

Questions remain over Dish Network and its Auction 97 DE partnerships

Dish Network DE partners SNR and Northstar snag $3B discount The recently completed Auction 97 proceedings witnessed a record amount of revenue generated by the federal government, highlighting the demand mobile operators place on wireless spectrum. However, the proceedings also showed that perhaps the Federal...

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