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Three cybersecurity considerations in the 5G era

A panel of telecom cybersecurity experts discuss the issues affecting carriers as they implement 5G Core networks.

Ixia Webinar: Network Security Deployment Best Practices

Today’s threat landscape demands the use of a complex array of proactive network security systems and monitoring solutions. What are the most common and useful network security solutions you should consider - next-gen firewalls, web-application firewalls, intrusion prevention systems? Many of these security tools require...

BlackBerry leaving Pakistan after data monitoring spat

Pakistani government wanted BlackBerry to share data generated by enterprise clients Canadian company BlackBerry plans on leaving the Pakistan market following a disagreement with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority regarding access to information stored on BlackBerry Enterprise Services servers. BlackBerry COO Marty Beard laid out the situation...

CCA Webinar: Addressing Cyber Threats with Best Practices – A Practical Approach

Cyber threats, secret intrusions and very public data breaches are now part of everyday threats, and the types and vectors of threats are bewildering. In addition to cyber criminals, carriers have to be worried about regulatory threats and enforcement actions. And the number of...

IBM to release 20 years worth of cyberthreat data

In an apparent attempt to help fight cyber attacks, IBM has announced it will make its 700 TB database filled with raw cyberthreat data available to private and public companies. The company has said it will release the data through its new X-Force Exchange platform,...

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