HPE software problem spikes 77 TB of Kyoto University research

HPE has acknowledged a December software bug that ended up deleting 77TB of research data on a Kyoto University Cray/HPE supercomputer

Obama orders national strategic computing initiative

In an executive order issued July 29, President Obama outlined policy steps designed “to maximize benefits of high performance computing research, development and deployment …” As outlined, the National Strategic Computing Initiative aims to create a new supercomputer that performs 100 times faster than what’s...

Intel building world’s largest supercomputer for feds

U.S. Department of Energy selects Intel, Cray to deliver Aurora WASHINGTON – Intel announced that the U.S. Department of Energy selected the California-based chipmaker to build a supercomputer for the Argonne National Laboratory. Dubbed Aurora, the computer is set for delivery in 2018 and is “the largest...

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