2017 Predictions: Cellular networks in 2017 – more of the same in the midst of change

CommScope sees densification, virtualization, optimization and network convergence as major cellular network trends in 2017. Editor’s Note: With 2017 now upon us, RCR Wireless News has gathered predictions from across the mobile telecommunications space on what they expect to see in the...

Analyst Angle Webinar: Improving latency and capacity in transport for C-RAN and 5G

C-RAN and 5G create much stricter latency and capacity requirements for backhaul and fronthaul, and expand the role of fronthaul in transport. In this webinar, we talk about the evolution of backhaul and fronthaul, the emergence of xhaul/midhaul models, and the use of mmW...

Analyst Angle: What does CRAN stand for anyhow?

Confused about the various CRAN models? Mobile Experts looks to simplify CRAN and explain concepts behind various other RAN plans Imagine the possibility of a completely flexible mobile network where capacity can be allocated magically by software. That’s the dream that is summarized as “cloud...

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