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Machine learning comes to Kubernetes with Kubeflow project

New Kubeflow project brings machine learning to Kubernetes Google engineers recently announced a new project dubbed Kubeflow, which leverages machine learning to address the hurdles of launching convoluted workloads on Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open source platform that serves as the backbone of container orchestration management....

Container security enhanced with Kubernetes 1.8

Kubernetes 1.8 focuses on boosting existing features Version 1.8 of the open source Kubernetes container orchestration and management platform was recently released with an emphasis on updating existing features. Marking the third update this year, the new platform takes aim at enhancing security, workload support...

Top five container clustering and orchestration tools

How containers came to fame Containers are a mature technology gaining traction in the telecom industry with the push toward virtualization. The lightweight technology enables service providers to run various, isolated applications on an individual server. Containers originally rose to stardom when Docker discovered a...

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