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What is an IoT AEP, or application enablement platform?

There is a general agreement that the "internet of things" will produce tens of billions of connected devices in the next few years. How we will get there isn't so straightforward, but enterprises are continuing to look for ways to streamline development for IoT...

A guide to building apps for the internet of things

Gartner’s estimate of 21 billion connected things in use by 2020 has developers switching their focus to become a part of the growing internet of things. 42% of IoT developers are currently building apps that uses sensors, and one-third of today’s IoT developers are...

How to become an IoT app developer

Why be an IoT app developer? IoT app developers will be in high demand if the estimates for the number of devices connected through the "internet of things" comes close to reality. Enterprises could see huge rewards from employing a developer with expertise in IoT,...

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