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Reader Forum: One size does not fit all for small cell zoning and regulation

Heavy-handed zoning for small cells is holding back connected cities and hurting consumers. Whenever you see “one size fits all” on a label, you should be a bit skeptical. The last two pairs of gardening gloves I’ve bought came in a single size,...

Editorial Webinar: Small Cell Testing Update – Getting Small Cell Networks Right

As more small cells are deployed, scalability and reproducibility become central to return on investment, and new industry solutions are available that seek to streamline processes and shrink costs in order to make small cells viable on a large scale. small cell testing This webinar...

Cell Tower News: Climber injured, confusion ensues

Centerline at odds with tower tech injury report Earlier this week it was reported that a Massachusetts tower climber working in Gorham, Maine, fell from a 300-foot guyed tower owned by Crown Castle International. The man, yet to be identified, suffered serious injuries according to authorities on...

Cell Tower News: Stalker towers; OSHA Safety Stand-Down

Cell towers that stalk? Anyone who reads this weekly segment with regularity knows how contentious an issue tower placement is. This week Verizon is back at it again causing a family in Tarzana, Calif., grief over tower placement. But what makes this one stand out amongst the...

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