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Tower Climber recall: 3M/Capital Safety deem energy absorbers unsafe

3M, formerly Capital Safety, has released yet another safety recall for tower climbers. The recall forced the National Association of Tower Erectors to send emails to its members encouraging them to consult the official recall notice. The subject of the recall, Zorbit Energy Absorber, is...

Tower climber recall: 3M/Capital Safety replace Lad-Saf sleeve

3M today posted an official recall notice of its original tower climber Lad-Saf sleeve. After 30 years of use, the popular fall protection equipment has been replaced by a redesigned "next-generation" Lad-Saf sleeve. According to the recall, 3M and its fall protection subsidiary Capital Safety...

3M to invest $2.5B in tower safety industry

3M is investing big money in the future of the climber safety industry with a $2.5 billion agreement to acquire fall-protection equipment maker Capital Safety from global investment firm KKR. This is a strategic move for 3M, which believes increased regulatory focus on tower worker...

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