How IoT is lowering the cost of building management systems

Control and savings with building management systems Building management systems are the backbone of smart buildings. They are the systems put in place to allow building owners and tenants to monitor, maintain and manage the mechanical, electrical and electromechanical functions within a structure. BMS deployment usually...

The benefits of owning and working in a smart building

The smart building: A laundry list of potential benefits Smart buildings are expected to save money in more ways than one might think. Yes, they can significantly reduce energy and operating costs, but there are a number of expected not-so-obvious benefits gained from implementing a smart...

Smart building technology helps reduce energy costs

Reducing costs with a smart building Thanks to smart buildings, today's structures are alive, equipped with technology that allows for automated processes of things that have, for hundreds of years, lived in dormancy. Many older buildings have the capability to become smart buildings, but owners and...

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