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Five 5G deployment scenarios from Arthur D. Little

In a new report, titled "5G Deployment Models are Crystallizing," Arthur D. Little researchers attempt to answer the question on all of our minds. How do we get from where we are today to a 5G future enabling all of the wild telemedicine, mobile...

5G deployment models are crystallizing

5G comes with the promise of unseen services and futuristic use cases. Telecom operators and other industry players are making big bets on next-generation services. 5G will bring new interactive and immersive experiences to customers. Use cases are already being built around immersive sports viewing...

Telecom transformation, innovation and startup challenges

In addition to startup pitch sessions, the 2015 TC3 conference focused on how telecom companies can maintain a competitive edge through innovation and business transformation. The annual confab in Mountain View, Calif., this year held at the Computer History Museum, is put on by the Telecom...

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