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Artesysn White Paper: Virtualizing the RAN and Edge Computing – How carriers can take advantage of vRAN, C-RAN and MEC

There are significant changes taking place in radio access networks and at the edge of telecom networks. With so many ways to implement 5G, multi-access edge computing (MEC) and the various flavors of virtualization, there are numerous different deployment models. This white paper introduces the...

Analyst Angle: Edge applications and services to get closer to the subscriber

A conversation about edge applications with Linsey Miller, VP of Marketing, Artesyn The below is only a summary. Download a transcript of the complete interview and access the complete report "Power at the Edge: Processing and storage move from the central core to the network edge". Moving processing and...

Artesyn White Paper: Meeting NFV/SDN challenges in the virtualization revolution

The communications industry's big push towards virtualizing network equipment, services, functions and applications is certainly much more than a fad. Telecom carriers, cable operators and other service providers are increasingly seeking ways to trim capital and operating expenses, improve customer service,bring products to market quicker...

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