Wi-Fi 7 ‘doubles down’ on the low latency and high throughput gains of Wi-Fi 6E, and adds high reliability

Wi-Fi 7 will maximize gigabit broadband investments by reliably delivering higher throughput, lower latency and better coverage Wi-Fi 7 (or 802.11be) was developed with a focus on Wi-Fi Extremely High Throughput, which refers to its projected ability to support up to 30 Gbps throughput, roughly...

Qualcomm is positioned as your ticket to the metaverse

5G, Wi-Fi, and connected intelligent edge are key enablers of the metaverse As the possibilities of the metaverse for consumers and enterprises takes shape, the spotlight is on ensuring foundational technology pieces are in place. With core expertise ranging from connectivity and compute to graphics...

AWS edges Local Zones globally with 32 new locations

Amazon has a two-year plan to triple its number of Local Zones, bringing low-latency edge computing services to international customers.

CIA starts a federal tech research lab

In yet another illumination of the extent to which technological capability is increasingly seen as tied to national security, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is starting up its first-ever federal lab program, with a broad focus on the intersection of technology and intelligence that...

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