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What is Disruption as a Service?

Disruption is a Service is a state of mind positioned for success in the on-demand cloud services market, says Rakuten.

How can telcos tap into the $400 billion XaaS opportunity?

Bain & Company thinks XaaS, or Anything as a Service, is a $400 billion opportunity waiting for telcos by 2025.

Is XaaS the future of cloud computing?

Public cloud spending is on the rise, led by Anything as a Service (XaaS) segments. Is this the inevitable future of cloud computing?

Top 3 XaaS challenges and opportunities

Anything as a Service (XaaS) presents limitless possibilities for enterprises and telcos to iterate new ideas, but challenges abound.

How is “Anything As A Service” changing telecom consumption models?

"Anything as a Service" or XaaS fundamentally changes enterprise telecom consumption, and gives operators an opportunity to iterate.

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