Editorial Report: AI- and ML-based network automation: What’s the promise and what’s the reality?

As 5G continues its evolution toward broad digital enablement of the enterprise, the proliferation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in networks will be a crucial part of service providers’ strategies. For infrastructure, increasingly automated deployment, configuration and management accelerates time-to-revenue as closed technology...

Bare metal: Making a comeback

From DCOps to DevOps Information technology began its journey with mainframes. Then came the x86 revolution. x86 ruled the world by providing a platform to run applications and databases. Next came the age of virtualization, which shifted the focus from hardware to a software-defined infrastructure...

Dynamic network function placement is essential in the 5G era

  Network function (NF) placement, or homing, is a set of smart algorithms which deploy services automatically across multiple sites and multiple clouds, based on a wide variety of intent and policy constraints including capacity, location, platform capabilities and other service specific parameters. Optimization of NF...

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