Reader Forum: Homo tapiens – a new generation of mobile users

There are going to be more mobile phones than people on the Earth by end of this year. Can you imagine? The planet will have over 7 billion smartphones! We are witnessing the biggest technological turn in history where the very human is involved....

Reader Forum: Voice command testing – ‘Do you understand me, machine?’

For a long time, it was only in science-fiction literature and movies where you could find mentions of voice recognition systems. But look around. People are talking to machines today, and they obey humans’ commands. What writers once considered fantasy has become real. Voice...

Telecom software growth an opportunity, challenge for workforce

Software QA and testing company A1QA provides workforce insight Software is increasingly becoming an integral part of modern telecom equipment, which has put a greater emphasis on companies finding qualified employees to keep up with this growing demand. Svetlana Pravdina, CEO at software quality assurance and...

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