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Qualcomm stakes claim in 802.11ad territory

Qualcomm is staking out an early lead in 802.11ad territory for Wi-Fi in the 60 GHz band, and early testing shows the technology can deliver on its promise for more speed as part of a multiprotocol Wi-Fi solution that makes up for some of...

WiGig certification gets underway

Wi-Fi Alliance launches WiGig certification The WiGig ecosystem should get a major kick-start with the launch of the Wi-Fi Alliance's certification program for the technology, ensuring that WiGig products will be interoperable. WiGig is based on the IEEE's 802.11ad standard and operates at 60 gigahertz. It is expected...

Five Wi-Fi market predictions

Wi-Fi use continues to boom, and the technology has established itself as a crucial part of connectivity in the home, the workplace, and in public spaces. Wi-Fi standards continue to advance, with multiple projects in development to improve speeds and efficiency. In examining the...

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