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5G means big changes for smartphone antennas

The advent of 5G will mean significant changes for smartphone antenna design and location within devices, according to Jeff Shamblin, chief scientist for antenna company Ethertronics. During remarks at the 5G Innovation Summit, Shamblin noted that most current smartphones are configured so that the five...

Four pillars of 5G

DEL MAR, Calif.--5G will be supported by four "pillars" as the industry seeks to transition to the next generation of wireless technology, according to Andreas Roessler, technology manager at test company Rohde & Schwarz. Roessler, speaking at the 5G Innovation Summit, said that those four...

Three challenges for 5G testing

Challenges for 5G testing and design The exploration of "5G" is a major area of focus for companies as they seek to gain competitive advantages going into the next generation of wireless technologies. 5G is expected to deliver ultra-fast speeds, ultra-low latency and massive capacity...

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