Wi-Fi 7 ‘doubles down’ on the low latency and high throughput gains of Wi-Fi 6E, and adds high reliability

Wi-Fi 7 will maximize gigabit broadband investments by reliably delivering higher throughput, lower latency and better coverage Wi-Fi 7 (or 802.11be) was developed with a focus on Wi-Fi Extremely High Throughput, which refers to its projected ability to support up to 30 Gbps throughput, roughly...

USDA puts up $97 million for rural broadband in 11 states

U.S. Department of Agriculture program provides loans and grants for a dozen rural broadband projects The U.S. Department of Agriculture is funding a dozen projects in 11 states with loans and grants to provide or improve rural broadband service. The USDA allocated about $88 million in...

AT&T, T-Mobile US conduct dueling LAA tests; LTE-U goes live

T-Mobile US achieves 741 Mbps, AT&T scores speeds of 650 Mbps AT&T and T-Mobile US are both pushing ahead with the use of unlicensed spectrum at 5 GHz, and the results of field tests show that T-Mobile US is edging out AT&T in terms of...

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