Spectrum reallocations, sharing with 5G and IoT on the horizon – Carrier Wrap Ep. 59


    LGS Innovations notes challenges remain in terms of meeting spectrum demand as 5G and IoT services look set to further stress the system.

    On this week’s “Carrier Wrap” we speak with Kevin Kelly, CEO at LGS Innovations, to look at potential challenges facing the mobile telecommunications space and regulators as the market begins to rely more heavily on spectrum reallocation and sharing to serve demand for mobile data services.
    Growing demand for new spectrum resources by the mobile telecom space has resulted in the Federal Communications Commission moving aggressively to find new models to meet that demand. This has included the ongoing 600 MHz incentive auction proceedings; spectrum sharing with government entities through the advanced wireless services and consumer broadband radio service bands; and its push last summer to unleash gigahertz of millimeter wave spectrum through the Spectrum Frontiers proceedings.
    Kelly provides some background on the LGS Innovations, which spun out of Bell Labs and AT&T, provides his view on how the FCC is currently dealing with spectrum reallocation challenges, and how he sees the growing push towards the internet of things and 5G impacting future spectrum reallocation and sharing models.
    Thanks for watching this week’s show and make sure to check out our next “Carrier Wrap” when we are scheduled to speak with Iconectiv to discuss its work with helping the mobile industry combat fraud and other security issues.
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