NFV/SDN Reality Check – Episode 18: OpenStack a boost for Intel-based performance

    IEEE tackles SDN

    On this week’s NFV/SDN Reality Check we talked with George Drapeau, director of partner solutions and strategy at Red Hat on how OpenStack and open source are being used to boost NFV and SDN performance as well as an update from this week’s Red Hat event.
    Open source continues to be a strong undercurrent in the move by telecom operators towards virtualized platforms using network functions virtualization, software-defined networking and cloud. One of the larger players in the open source space is Red Hat, which has worked through its OpenStack platform to bolster the cause of open source.
    Drapeau provided insight into the benefits of open source for the telecom space, as well as work Red Hat has done on connection with companies like Intel is boosting the hardware and software platforms targeting the telecom and mobile communications space.
    Drapeau also touched on some of the bigger news events to come out of this week’s Red Hat Summit event, including Red Hat’s bolstering of its mobile application platform and and alliance struck with Samsung focused on mobile enterprise solutions.
    Make sure to join us on July 10 for our next live episode of NFV/SDN Reality Check when we are scheduled to speak with Simon Osbourne, CTO fulfillment at Comptel, on why CSPs should avoid making decisions based solely on capital and operating expense predictions.
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