IoT Innovation – Episode 5: What about IoT apps?

    Applications have driven a wide range of uses by consumers on Smartphones, what does the App Development Community look like for IOT and how can that drive interest and adoption?
    During the episode today we talked with Simon Buckingham CEO and Founder of Appitalism.

    Following the discussion last week about UX, we looked at how Feature phones grew up from basic, limited devices to the smartphones we all carry today.  Along that journey It is important to remember the components of value that were added to make these devices personal and valuable enough to be indispensable.  Applications have become the “killer app” for all of us, each with a range of tools we use for our own personal data.

    We talked about how there are 1000 new games per day and that filtering this type of app content will be overcome by truly useful apps we start to check multiple times per day, and in most cases these apps will link to IOT Sensors that bring us to our data, our assets and our phones even more often.  This will be an interesting realisation for the operator community who are focused on IOT more each day.
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