IEEE GlobeCom Day 4 (RCR Mobile Minute)

    Mobile Minute

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    We are at IEEE GlobeCom in Austin and our top story today is network security. Re/code is reporting that Sony is executing denial of service attacks on websites that are making its stolen data available for download. Sony, of course, was hacked late last month — now the media giant is reportedly fighting back, using data centers in Asia to disrupt downloads of stolen movies and videos.
    Well we have heard a lot about security here at IEEE GlobeCom. AT&T’s chief security officer Edward Amoroso told his audience that we should not be surprised at the recent increase in network security breaches. He said that for many engineers, hacking common network architectures is about as a hard as a college exam. Amoroso went on to outline his vision of effective network architecture.
    In other news, Alcatel-Lucent has appointed a new president of its EMEA region — that’s Europe, the Middle East and Africa. William Hendrickx will be responsible for the company’s sales and operations throughout those regions.
    And back here at home, our featured employer is MasTec Network Solutions. The company is hiring a DAS project manager to work in Columbia New Hampshire, a Tower Foreman to work in Union Missouri, and a tower technician to work in Centennial Colorado. Check out telecomcareers for more job postings and resumes.
    That is your Mobile Minute.