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How it works: 3M Slim Lock closure

How it works: 3M Slim Lock closure

Keeping RF cable connections safe from weather is of utmost importance to the smooth operation of cell networks. Weather proofing on the tower has evolved as technology has advanced and demands on the tower infrastructure have changed. It started with tape and evolved to a rubber sleeve.

3M still didn’t think that was good enough, so they developed the Slim Lock closure.

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In this edition of “How it works,” Wireless Applications Engineer at 3M, Steve King, and Slim Lock developer, Dave Dupuis explain the development process and show how the product fully seals cables from the elements.

The enclosure is a two-part concept with a foam backed gel surface that is tacky on the inside. It is designed to be installed using only one hand without the use of tools and is reusable.

The inner sleeve has a live hinge on the back side. The outer casing is UV resistant and waterproof.

King says, one of the trends in the industry is densification in the network. He believes a consequence of this is a move toward smaller connectors. For this reason, 3M launched two new Slim Lock closures for the mini-DIN and N-type connectors.

The inner portion of the nano-connector is colored blue for site audit purposes. Kings says, “For instance, there might be nine connectors up there and you know one of them needs to be an N-type. You can see from a distance say ‘oh eight black, one blue, that’s good.’”

Watch the video below to see Steve King install the Slim Lock closure.

It can be used at the RF connection points on both the antenna and Remote Radio Unit in an FTTA installation.

There are models to fit sizes 1.00″ – 1.03″,  .68″ – .78″ and  .51″ – .62″‎. It works with N-Type‎,  DIN 716‎ and mini-DIN‎ connectors.

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