How carriers can use SDN and NFV to battle OTT – NFV/SDN Reality Check Ep. 81


    OTT rivals continue to hound the mobile telecom space, but NetScout notes SDN and NFV platforms can help even out the battle.

    On this week’s NFV/SDN Reality Check we speak with Vikram Saksena, office of the CTO for virtualization at NetScout, on how telecom operators can use network virtualization technologies like software-defined networking and network functions virtualization to battle over-the-top competitors.
    The company notes the ongoing deployment of SDN and NFV platforms by telecom operators fosters the ability for those carriers to more quickly and cost effectively roll out new services designed to offer an in-house alternative to OTT services. Such a move can in turn drive new revenue opportunities and also allow carriers to out run the “dumb pipe” designation that continues to haunt operators.
    As the industry moves towards “5G” technology and the applications tapping into the “internet of things,” NetScout notes the ability to take advantage of SDN and NFV in support of new service offerings is set to increase.
    Let’s take a look at that interview now.
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