Rethinking Talent Management in the New World of Work with Carolina Milanesi

As workforce trends shift, companies have begun rethinking talent management strategy. With the youngest generations entering the workforce, companies are tasked with finding a way to keep them engaged and employed. In this episode, The Heart of Tech founder Carolina Milanesi discusses workforce trends...

Enterprise Cellular Coverage Simplifying Complex Problems (Ep. 1)

In this limited series presented in partnership between RCR Wireless News and Nextivity, we explore how in-building cellular coverage is a fundamental piece of enterprise digital transformation that is less costly and faster to deploy than most enterprises realize. In this episode, Nextivity Chief Commercial...

Well, technically… In 5G testing, you must balance accuracy with efficiency: Infovista’s Jaana Tengman (Ep. 67)

5G networks will result in more data, and so testing needs to be more efficient. But at the same time, 5G networks will have critical applications running on them, and so testing also has to be more accurate. Jaana Tengman, director of Product Management at Infovista, comes on the podcast to discuss this test & measurement balancing act in more detail, as well as how things like automation are helping.

Laying the Foundation for a Connected Future with Steve Smith of Zayo

Tower companies, data centers, fiber businesses -- communications infrastructure are like "internet plumbers." Communications infrastructure is crucial for preparing the world for digital transformation. As cloud technology evolves and moves out from the core markets to the "edge" where people live, hyperscalers rely on...

Well, technically… it’s the most exciting time to be in telecom: Fujitsu Network Communications’ Rhonda Holloway (Ep. 66)

Rhonda Holloway, Fujitsu Network Communications' director of Network Automation Solutions Marketing comes on the podcast to reveal how enterprise and business digitalization has changed and accelerated in the COVID era.

Will 5G Change the World? Greg Mayo, NETSCOUT (Ep. 48)

Greg Mayo, NETSCOUT chief architect in the CTO office, discusses E2E service assurance in 5G systems. He looks at the complexities, both technical and business, associated with purpose-built private networks along with slicing of public networks. While Mayo doesn't see 5G changing the world...

Well, technically… the answer is somewhere in the middle (Ep. 65): Dell’Oro Group’s Tam Dell’Oro

Founder and CEO of Dell’Oro Group Tam Dell’Oro provides insight into the ongoing supply-chain constraints impacting the entire technology industry and weighs in on when we can expect things to go back to normal.

The Legal Side of 5G — Collaboration is Key with Kevin Jones

Smart cities are the thing of the future, thanks to the immeasurable power of 5G. These advanced urban centers are built not just with a wide understanding of cutting-edge technology but also the legal side of the project. Proper collaboration with city heads and...

Wireless Infrastructure as a Service (WIaaS) with Justin Marron of SVP

Nicknamed the fourth utility, Wireless is an integral part of business and social connection today. Carrie Charles welcomes Justin Marron, the Chief Executive Officer at Strategic Venue Partners (SVP) - which offers Wireless Infrastructure as a Service (WIaaS). The goal is to deliver all-inclusive, turnkey,...

Will 5G Change the World? Rami Reshef, GenCell (Ep. 47)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World, GenCell CEO Rami Reshef discusses the pressing need for operators to shift to renewable energy as they deploy 5G networks. He talks through GenCell's approach to using fuel cell technology to enable supplemental power during peak demand, back-up power during emergencies, and off-grid power to remote telecom sites. Reshef also highlights GenCell's work with Deutsche Telekom as the operator pursues its own sustainability objectives.

Powering the Future of Wireless Connectivity Podcast: (Ep. 3) What’s next for Wi-Fi 7?

Although Wi-Fi 6 and 6E are still making waves in the enterprise and consumer markets, Wi-Fi 7 is here and it brings exciting new features that enable peak performance. In this episode of the Powering the Future of Wireless Connectivity Podcast, 

Will 5G Change the World? Anil Rao, Oracle (Ep. 46)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World, Oracle's Anil Rao discusses the complexities associated with operationalizing 5G which relies on, as he said, "Automation, automation, automation." As operators work to deliver both private networks and network slicing to capture enterprise opportunity, they need to embrace automation and cloud-native technology and operations principles.

Implementing Strategic Change in a New Era with Paul Fioravanti

With the rapid development of technology comes the need for strategic change. Businesses must be able to handle rising demands and changing customer behavior. Despite the many adjustments, one thing remains a constant: human capital must never be taken for granted. Joining Carrie Charles...

The Secret to 20 years Strong in Telecom Services with Andrew Herring and Kelly Lazuka of Fullerton

It requires a strong training program and great leaders to focus on self-performance and doing everything in-house. Join Carrie Charles as she talks to Andrew Herring and Kelly Lazuka of Fullerton, a company doing just that. Andrew is the Sr. Vice President of Strategic...

Well, technically… Businesses need cost-effective wide, deep and diverse optical routes: Arelion’s Sumita Gupta Sharma (Ep. 64)

Sumita Gupta Sharma, head of Transmission Networks at Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier) speaks to the company’s name change and ambitions around disaggregating its optical networks. She also describes the need for more direct optical routes around the globe.

The Rebirth Of ExteNet: Bringing A CEO’s Vision To Life With Rich Coyle

Our world is fast-paced, with everything accessible in a single click. The growth in connectivity is made possible by high-performance network companies like ExteNet. ExteNet is the largest privately held communications infrastructure provider in North America. Their CEO, Richard Coyle, focuses on growing and improving...

Well, technically… Optical networks have had to evolve to keep up with data demands: Infinera’s Teresa Monteiro (Ep. 63)

Teresa Monteiro, Infinera’s director of Solution Marketing, Software and Automation, discusses the benefits and challenges of disaggregated optical networks, how the increase in traffic is impacting these networks, and also, why she believes everyone should have a basic science education.

Will 5G Change the World? Olivier Guéret, Nokia (Ep. 45)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World?, Nokia’s Olivier Guéret talks through strategies for operators to monetize their 5G investments. In addition to shifting from selling connectivity to selling business outcomes, Guéret highlights the need for a strong focus on ecosystem development from both a governance and engagement perspective.

Six Companies – One Vision With Chris Maguire Of NextEdge Networks

How do you effectively bring six solution-oriented companies under one umbrella? The answer is clear: a shared vision. In this week's episode, discover how Chris Maguire found one vision and managed to diversify with NextEdge Networks. Join your host Carrie Charles as she talks to its...

Well, technically… soon call bots will know you’re cursing at them: IntelePeer’s Cora Brito (Ep. 62)

Cora Brito, application support manager at IntelePeer, teaches me all about CPaaS and voice-automated AI. We also discuss the controversial topic of call bots. Are they just infuriating or are they also helpful?

Welcome To The Future Of Shared Digital Infrastructure With Rod Hanson Of Cityside Networks

When it comes to broadband, the monopoly system is expensive to build. Rod Hanson, the Chief Executive Officer of Cityside Networks, talks with Carrie Charles about how a wholesale shared digital infrastructure is a cost-effective solution to the problem. Wholesale shared networks allow other carriers...

Well, technically… the internet is fundamentally broken: Althea’s Deborah Simpier (Ep. 61)

Deborah Simpier, CEO at Althea, a networking company, comes on the podcast to explain how the company's blockchain/LTE solution offers a different approach to a distributed network, and why the current internet business model doesn't work for everyone.

Trends And Challenges In Digital Infrastructure With James Childs Of GeoLinks

GeoLinks is in the business of solving the digital infrastructure problems of today. In this episode, Carrie Charles welcomes James Childs, GeoLinks' Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Spectrum Strategy. GeoLinks services both primary and redundant connectivity, disaster preparedness and anchor institutions. To...

Building And Leading Resilient Sales Teams With Kim Kerr Of US Cellular

Recruiting, retaining and developing exceptional sales talent has always been a challenge for leaders.  It becomes even more complicated in the midst of our "Great Resignation".  Tune in and learn how to build and lead resilient sales teams with your host Carrie Charles and...

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