@CES: That's a wrap

Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show was a haven for device geeks of all shapes and sizes. Sure, the 165-inch 3D televisions were awesome, but so were the shrunken mobile devices that seemed to proliferate from every corner of the Las Vegas Convention Center.We covered...

@CES: Palm adds carriers, features: Handset and software maker responds to growing competition in smartphone space

LAS VEGAS – In the shadow of Apple Inc.'s iPhone and Google Inc.'s Android operating systems continued strong growth, Palm Inc. pushes ahead aggressively for its spot in the sun. What began one year ago at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show this year took...

Google unveils Nexus One

Taking a page from Apple Inc., Google Inc. today unveiled its most audacious move into the mobile space just a day ahead of this year's Consumer Electronics Show set for Las Vegas. That move is the official unveiling of its Nexus One device that...

Smartphones, QMDs strong in 2009

According to Forrester Research 2009 was a banner year for the smartphone market with sales growth on pace with 2008 and growing from 7% share of the U.S. adult population at the end of 2007 to 17% share at the end of 2009. The...

Pixi dusts Palm with delay: Report

Palm shares plunged anew Tuesday as speculation swirled around possible delays of its Pixi phone at

Japan’s mobile phone marvels go back to the future

In the Japan of 2020 a stressed-out salaryman may unwind from his hectic futuristic lifestyle by time-travelling back a few centuries and taking a virtual stroll through medieval Tokyo.AFP

Nokia files fresh lawsuit against Apple

Nokia Corp. is staying vigilant during the holiday season as the handset giant today filed a complaint with the United States International Trade Commission claiming Apple Inc. is infringing on seven Nokia patents that are in virtually all of Apple’s products, including phones, portable...

Secret mobile phone codes cracked

A German computer scientist has published details of the secret code used to protect the conversations of more than 4bn mobile phone users.BBC News

O2 says iPhone demand strained London network

Apple's data-hungry iPhone at times overwhelmed operator O2's network in London during the last six months but additional capacity helped ease the problem by December, O2 said on Tuesday.Reuters

AT&T Customer Service: “New York City Is Not Ready For The iPhone”

AT&T has apparently found a workable solution to the reported data congestion in New York City. They've quietly stopped selling the iPhone to customers in the New York metropolitan area, at least from their Web site.The

Samsung looks to charge-up college campuses

BOULDER, Colo. – College campuses have begun a prime target for the wireless industry as it looks to get the youth of today hooked on a specific wireless service or device. While campuses have tried to keep the outright advertising to its students to...

Nokia closing handful of retail outlets, shifting N.A. focus

Capitulating to entrenched market conditions, Nokia Corp. announced plans to close four of its retail outlets. Those outlets include its London Regent Street store; stores in Chicago and New York; and an attempt to relocate its current Sao Paulo, Brazil store to a new...

Samsung looks for software boost in smartphones

Samsung Electronics hopes to boost its position in smartphones by opening up its software, but analysts doubt it can challenge Apple as the platforms favored by application developers.Reuters

E-reader success drives carriers into embedded devices market: Expect more experimentation with business models

While e-readers and personal navigation devices may be popular “embedded device” gift items this year, their success also will drive the emerging sector to bring even more innovative products to market in the next 12 to 18 months. The potential of the space also...

Nokia sees cellphone market up 10% in 2010

Nokia , the world's largest cellphone maker, forecast handset market volumes would grow around 10% next year, more than analysts' 8.6% consensus.Reuters

Nokia files suits against display, monitor makers

Top mobile phone maker Nokia said on Tuesday it filed suits in Britain and the United States last week alleging a number of leading technology firms operate cartels for mobile phone and monitor displays.Reuters

AT&T Mobility set to launch industry’s first 1 GHz phone

AT&T Mobility is set to launch the market's first mobile device running a processor in excess of 1 GHz with the impending launch of LG Electronics Co. Ltd.'s Expo. The previous “speed” champ among mobile devices was Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. recently unveiled Android-powered...

Sony Ericsson closing RTP site, 425 jobs lost

Sony Ericsson, the beleaguered wireless handset maker, is shutting down its North American headquarters in Research Triangle Park as the company consolidates global operations.The News & Observer

IPhone cleared for sale by South Korean regulator

South Korean regulators gave Apple a business license on Wednesday that would allow it to launch the iPhone in the country at any time.IDG New Service

Cell phone market fall ended in Q3: Gartner

HELSINKI, Finland - The fall in the handset market stopped in the third quarter, helped by clearing of inventories of unsold phones and booming sales on the so-called grey market in countries like China, research firm Gartner said on Thursday.Reuters

Nokia to recall 14 million chargers

HELSINKI – Nokia Corp. announced Monday that some 14 million mobile phone chargers could be dangerous for users and said it will replace them free of charge. Associated Press

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