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Kagan: Companies must punch their way onto the metaverse map

The metaverse is becoming a very noisy place. It’s getting difficult for companies to be seen and heard. So, how can you raise volume of your approach and take advantage of the metaverse growth opportunity? We have learned important lessons in recent years. We must use what we have learned to become leaders in this space.

The metaverse is one of the next, hot growth areas. Whether you are an executive, worker, partner or investor, you need to understand who the winning companies are.

In recent decades, there have been several other new industries that have launched and are impacting the world. These include wireless, internet, social media, IoT, AR, VR, pay TV and others.

How metaverse companies get noticed by investors in noisy industry

That does not mean knowing where to focus is obvious or easy. Like with everything else, caution is advised. No one knows for sure what the future may hold.

In the next several years I believe the metaverse will continue to rapidly grow and change. We don’t yet know whether this is a long-term or short-term opportunity. Only time will tell.

A company that makes sense today may or may not last for the long term. There may be stages as time passes. And every stage may have different leaders and followers.

I believe there will be several key leaders throughout. There will also be many who battle for leadership as time passes.

This is very similar to other major growth trends we have seen unfold over the years.

Many CEOs think the metaverse is the next, big thing

That being said, the senior management of many top companies seem to think the Metaverse is the next hot trend.

That has perked the ears of investors, executives and workers, nationwide and worldwide. We have seen how other rapidly growing opportunities play out. We should use this to guide us as we move into this new area.

Over time we have seen how growth trends rewards different companies at different times as each new sector matures.

Expect the same with the metaverse over the next several years.

Facebook, Qualcomm, Microsoft see gold in metaverse opportunity

At this early stage, we are seeing senior executives of many large and important companies weigh in on the metaverse opportunity. Some are further ahead than others, but most see a potentially huge growth opportunity or growth curve moving forward.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook changed the company name to Meta. This is the direction they are rapidly moving as a user of this new technology. It will take us far beyond what Facebook is today.

Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm is expanding the focus of the company to be a leader in this new space. They are helping companies build their own metaverse business by providing chips, products, services, software and support.

In fact, there are also many companies, large and small, well-known and not so well-known who are in this space. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, Unity, Roblox, Autodesk, Cloudflare and so many others.

Metaverse companies and sectors to pay attention to

There are also several different sectors to consider like semiconductors, chips, security, 3D software, interactive hardware and software, connectivity and more.

Think of the metaverse like the wild wild west. Lots of potential growth. Lots of excitement with companies, products and services. And lots of confusion all mixed in, trying to sort through what is real and what is just talk.

Think of the metaverse like the movie, The Matrix. The movie was science fiction about the real world compared to an immersive computer driven, unreal world.

This is not unlike other industries like wireless service, autonomous driving, smartphones and the Internet. Before they became mainstream, they were all sci-fi.

To be noticed, companies must punch their way onto metaverse map

There is a growing list of metaverse-related companies are all trying to get noticed. They are trying to get the attention of the media to attract investors, partners and customers. They want to earn street cred in this new space and associate their name and brand with it.

This will be easier for some companies compared to others. Executives must have the ability to punch their way onto the radar to get noticed by executives, partners, workers and investors.

They should use the lessons we have learned in the past as other companies in other industries started and rapidly grew.

In these early days of the metaverse revolution, we will see the first generation of companies enter the space.

Some of these will be large and well-known leaders in the space like Qualcomm, Microsoft and Facebook. These will likely stay in a leadership position. Others will be smaller and lesser-known players. These will battle to be seen and heard.

Companies must be seen and heard to be noticed in metaverse

If they are successful with their marketing, they will attract their share of attention.

This is a vital piece of the puzzle as this space will be very busy and very noisy.

And that’s the challenge at this early stage. At this point, some companies have earned their reputation over decades of success like Facebook and Qualcomm.

Other, lesser-known companies need to punch their way onto the radar of the marketplace in order to be noticed by executives, workers and investors.

This is the way the game is played and won for those who understand the process.

Metaverse story will change over and over going forward

This is when new competitors with new thinking and new ideas emerge to expand the Metaverse to the next level.

Remember how social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many others have changed over the last decade.

The metaverse will also change over time. It will grow and change, step by step.

Some leaders will stay leaders on this growth curve, while others will lead at one point then fall away and be replaced by new companies with new ideas.

This is that we should expect going forward as the Metaverse grows and matures over time.

Industry analyst see’s blending of wireless and metaverse

Now is the time to dip your toes in this new metaverse world.

Many companies are getting in contact with me to brief me on their story. I find this exciting and exhilarating. Just like when the wireless industry was in its early years.

As we move forward, I will share thoughts with you on the current state of the metaverse, the companies and the industry and where it is heading.

I will discuss leading companies in this space, what they are doing and how they will impact this new world.

So, now is the time to start getting smart on the metaverse. After all, Facebook, Qualcomm and countless other large and important firms say this may indeed be the next, big opportunity. This is where they are spending their time and effort.

Based on that, shouldn’t we be paying attention and at least dipping our toes in the water?


Jeff Kagan
Jeff Kagan
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