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Las Vegas Raiders and MatSing partner for a leading fan experience at Allegiant Stadium using lens antennas

As Allegiant Stadium prepared to host football games for the first time, the Las Vegas Raiders sought to build a leading fan experience in the NFL to match the new look and feel of the stadium. A key component of this fan experience would be providing the stadium with cost effective and high performance mobile broadband service, to match modern-day demands of streaming and social media sharing. Even though fans are not yet returning to the seats of Allegiant Stadium due to COVID-19 precautions, the Las Vegas Raiders selected MatSing, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-capacity lens antennas, to take on the task of creating a smoother Internet experience to be able to handle these modern-day demands for fans when they do return.

Matt Pasco, the VP of Information Technology for the Raiders explained he had seen the performance of MatSing’s technology at other sports stadiums, such as Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay, and knew he had to install it in Allegiant Stadium, to be at cutting edge for NFL stadiums. “We had a vision that we wanted to provide a league-leading mobile broadband service without encumbering Allegiant Stadium with unsightly antennas and knew a line-of sight model built into the stadium’s catwalk was the key. After seeing MatSing’s technology in use at other stadiums, we knew it was the technology provider to match our concept of performance and aesthetics that would allow guests at Allegiant Stadium to share their experience and interact from the stands like never before.”

MatSing has created a new patented solution that outperforms traditional antenna technology, as they understand that mobile broadband technology has advanced, and coverage has become a higher demand in larger venues and events as people’s cell phones become more powerful. Based on a theory from the 1940s known as the Luneberg Lens, the lens antennas’ multiple beam draws its advantages from the distinct shape of the lens, which can focus radio frequency from any direction. Each single antenna to provide up to 48 high capacity coverage sectors, replacing up to 48 traditional antennas with a single lens, leading to great cost and operational savings through fewer active components.

For the Raiders, 27 MatSing lens antennas are installed at Allegiant Stadium to ensure a leading fan experience in the stadium’s seating, on the field and at the Modelo Tailgate Zone. These antenna installations will provide fans with 4G and 5G broadband mobile coverage with fewer interruptions and dropped signals. The lens antennas are installed in the roofing structure where they reach farther than traditional antennas, providing better coverage and less interference at a lower cost and complexity for the team.

The advanced lens antennas will deliver exceptional coverage once COVID-19 health restrictions are lifted and fans come to enjoy games at the stadium. MatSing will continue to work with the Raiders to maintain and test the lens equipment throughout this season and off-season, ensuring its readiness for the first use with fans in-stadium.


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