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Kagan: Thank you, Apple, for the iPhone 12 Mini

Thank you to Apple for finally listening to my suggestions and your customer cries over the last several years. Next week they will announce four different iPhone models and one in particular should be very successful for a group of Apple customers who have been ignored in recent years.

They call it the iPhone 12 Mini and you won’t believe the details about this new device. A sizable chunk of their customer base should absolutely love it. It’s about time!

You may love Apple iPhone Mini

Years ago, Apple moved away from smaller, one handed devices. They got larger and heavier and required two hands to operate. While some customers like larger iPhones, others wanted their smaller, one hand device. They were ignored and they took it personally.

Then Apple started to wake up. A few years ago, they introduced the first iPhone SE. Then they recently updated that with the 2020 version of the iPhone SE.

Now Apple is introducing what may be a killer design. The iPhone 12 Mini.

The iPhone Mini sounds perfect for the group of users who want a smaller device with a larger screen.

iPhone Mini may be best design in years

In fact, if it’s as good as I hear, it may be the best new iPhone design in years and just what a big slice of the Apple customer marketplace is looking for.

The iPhone SE was a smaller device, but it also had a smaller screen. That means users had a choice to make. Many wanted a smaller device they can use with one hand, but they wanted a larger screen.

The iPhone 12 Mini is significantly smaller than the iPhone SE in size, but it has a larger screen. That makes all the difference in the world. This is what I firmly believe many customers want.

iPhone Mini is smaller device with larger screen than iPhone SE

And the iPhone Mini lets the user operate the device with one hand… just like the good old days.

Apple had moved away from one handed device for far too long. Not everyone wants a humungous screen. Sure, some do, but others prefer the smaller size, larger screen, able to be used with one hand and stored in their shirt pocket without sticking out.

Instead of introducing iPhones that all their customers wanted, Apple went big. That was a mistake. They slapped loyal customers in the face. That’s something no company should ever do.

With more than one device each year, Apple should have focused one on the smaller size.

Now, the good news is they are finally focusing on their entire marketplace once again. Let’s take a look at what I am hearing this device will have and compare it to the iPhone SE.

Compare iPhone Mini to iPhone SE:

iPhone Mini has 4GB of RAM while the SE has 3GB.

iPhone Mini will be a 5G device compared to 4G on the SE.

iPhone Mini weight is lighter than iPhone SE.

The cameras look to be very similar on both devices.

The iPhone Mini uses a faster chipset. A14 vs. A13.

The iPhone Mini should also be the least expensive of the four new smartphones introduced.

The difference in price will be significant as well. The new iPhone Mini should be several hundred dollars more than the iPhone SE.

The display differences will be noticeably different as well. iPhone Mini has an OLED compared to the iPhone SE which has an LCD.

So, you can see how Apple is finally getting serious about giving a large slice of the customer base exactly what they want.

True, some users want the biggest phone and screen they can get. However, others want a one-handed device with a larger screen that is lighter so they can fit in their shirt pocket.

These iPhone users were abandoned by Apple.

Now they are back!

It’s really good to see Apple has once again decided to re-focus on their entire customer base and not only those who want a larger screen. Now they have phones for every user.

Apple will have a great lineup of smaller screen, mid-size and large screen devices. Something they should have been doing all along.

So, once again let me say thank you to Apple on finally coming around and focusing on all your customers once again. Better late than never.


Jeff Kagan
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