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Kagan: Do not upgrade to Apple iOS 14 yet

Warning, warning, warning! It is that time of year again when Apple releases its next iOS upgrade. Like many of you, I have experienced the hell Apple puts many users through, which is why I always recommend not being the first to download and install the annual upgrade right away. Not yet anyway.

Apple will continue to release a series of updates, making the new iOS better and fixing things that stop working with new upgrades.

Plus, this year there is an additional reason to wait to upgrade to iOS 14.

Let me start at the beginning. If you recall, I have written about this Apple problem for many years. Whenever I receive the notice from Apple that there is another update for my iPhone, iPad or MacBook, I install it right away. It almost always makes things better for the user. That’s the good part.

Apple iOS updates are OK, but do not rush the annual upgrade

However, each year when Apple sends notice to users the next upgrade is available, I blindly accept and install it. Then when my MacBook restarts, I scream! I forgot to wait.

This is when my MacBook simply stops working properly. Many apps and connected devices no longer worked because the updates were not ready yet.

Worse, my HP printers stopped working. Even the newest HP drivers didn’t fix things. This is a disaster and that could not be fixed for months when several Apple updates finally corrected the problem.

This is why I warn users not rush the annual upgrade. As long as they meet their deadline, Apple does not seem to care how many user systems get screwed up.

Apple iOS 14 upgrade may be worse than ever

This year the warning goes further. Hold off upgrading your iPad, iPhone and other Apple gear as well.

So, the only solution is to protect yourself by delaying the annual upgrade for your own sake.

Apple should more clearly warn its valued customers what they are doing. Warn users this is the big, annual upgrade. Give them the chance to upgrade now or wait.

Most users would appreciate a warning from Apple regarding the problems the update could bring.

This year things may be much worse. Apple says their newest upgrade to iOS 14 is ready.

The problem is, app makers say Apple did not give their community advance notice so they can update their own apps to make sure things continue to operate.

During the Apple conference the other day, they only gave developers a 24-hour window to develop an updated program so their apps will continue to work.

That is simply not enough time.

MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Watch iOS upgrade should all be delayed

That’s why app makers for MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Watch hope users do not upgrade yet. In fact, many say they are warning users not to upgrade yet.

This warning is a good thing. In fact, this should always be done.

In fact, Apple should warn users that early adopters often have problems until they are found and fixed. That would be fair. But that’s not what Apple does.

Apple is always in a rush to get as many upgrades as quickly as possible. They think this makes them look good. The problem is, this hurts many users. This ultimately makes them look bad.

However, they don’t seem to care about that.

Apple rushes users to upgrade their iOS putting them at risk

Apple is always in a rush to stay on schedule with their upgrades, even when they are not ready and even when these upgrades will make their customers miserable for several months.

Apple should always protect their users, not betray them. Why does this not happen?

These warnings are coming from the app makers and from experts to keep you from getting screwed.

In that battleground, where Apple simple does not seem to care about the user, the user must protect themselves from Apple. So, once again, consider yourself warned. You are welcome!


Jeff Kagan
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