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Laying the Foundation for 5G With Chad Rasmussen

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If you’re in vertical telecom, you’re familiar with permitting delays and workforce shortages. Your counterparts in horizontal deployments face similar challenges: more applications than governments can handle; uncertainty with regulation, and not enough workforce to install the conduit.

But fiber faces other challenges specific to its underground environment.

This week’s guest is Chad Rasmussen. He’s the President and CEO of the North American division of Cable Runner International.

He explains:

  • The negative effect small cell fiber applications have on enterprise applications;
  • The outside-the-industry workforce shortages that slow down deployments; and
  • The lack of space in the ROW—where can all that fiber go?

For that last one, Cable Runner takes advantage of an under-utilized existing network of conduit: sewer mains and storm drains. This disruptive technology aims to help support the entire telecom industry.

Listen now to learn how using storm and sewer pipes streamlines the deployment process. And hear Chad’s thoughts tackling the 5G deployment challenges, including the importance of public and private leadership, collaboration, and education.

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