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Kagan: Thoughts on the new Google Pixel 4 smartphone

Over the last few weeks I have been testing the new Google Pixel 4 smartphone on the AT&T Mobility network. Parts of this new phone are advanced and even ahead of much of the competition. If you are a current Pixel user, you will like these updates. Whether they are enough to get you to switch from Apple iPhone or even Samsung Galaxy is another question.

Whether a smartphone works well, or struggles depends on two things… the device itself with all its features, and the network it uses. The Pixel 4 smartphone I tested on the AT&T Mobility network worked flawlessly together.

Google Pixel 4 on AT&T Mobility worked well together

The Google Pixel 4 is a pure Android smartphone. Like the Google Chromebook laptop, it focuses on Android features. You can also use Apps which makes the device similar to every other Android smartphone on the market.

On the other hand, a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy is a blend of Android and Samsung. In this case, some users like what Samsung adds. Others don’t and stick primarily to the Android features. You know which you are.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more interesting and perhaps most important features of this new device.

Google says their new and evolved camera, their new Google Assistant and a feature called Motion Sense make Pixel 4 their most helpful phone yet.

The camera in the Google Pixel 4 is among the best on the market

The camera is one of the biggest differentiators. It is excellent. Ahead of most of the competition, to date. If you need or just want the best camera, Pixel 4 may be just what you are looking for. The photos are studio like but are from a smartphone.

The camera uses their new Night Sight technology, which provides rich detail and color in low light or even no light.

There are multiple Google cameras. Real photo aficionados will think this is just what they want. Multiple cameras let it take a separate detailed photo of a person who is center-stage, and have the background be a soothing blur and blend these all together into one stunning photograph.

Google Photos also offer unlimited storage, which solves problems many users have experienced in the past.

Google Assistant always there with voice commands

The newest version of Google Assistant is always sitting there waiting to jump in and help. They say it lets you get more done with your voice by providing an easy and fast way to control many features of your phone and apps.

This is the next step toward real voice recognition technology. Someday we won’t touch the screen. Instead we’ll just speak, and the device will understand. This new Google Assistant is a step in that direction.

This is an advantage that Google Assistant has over Apple Siri. While Siri was first and was amazing when it launched, it is not growing and expanding as fast as Google Assistant.

That’s why many Apple iPhone users download the Google apps and use it over Siri when they need top level voice recognition performance.

While many iPhone users love the device, if they couldn’t use Google apps, I wonder how much market share they would lose? Let’s hope we never have to find out.

While Apple gives their iPhone users access to a version of Google Assistant, it does not work the same as it does on the Pixel 4.

Quick Gestures, Face Unlock, Live View in Google Maps

Quick Gestures is a feature that uses radar to sense motion around the Pixel 4. That means you can control the device without physically touching the device. Wave you hand over the device and you can change pictures or songs to the next on the list.

The Face Unlock technology is better than ever. Use this Motion Sense feature to let you snooze your alarms, silence phone calls, make payments and securely unlock your smartphone.

Whether you are driving or walking, Live View in Google Maps lets you see the world around you very clearly. It lets you see the way to go with arrows and directions.

Another valuable feature is their recorder. It transcribes your speech and categorizes different types of audio. That means you can search faster and easier than ever.

There have been some issues written about, but I did not experience them.

There are many interesting and valuable features on this new Google Pixel 4 smartphone. If you are already a current Pixel user, you will love the advanced technology this brings. If you are not a current Pixel user, the choice is yours.

Bottom line, the new Google Pixel 4 is an amazing smartphone. Enjoy.


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