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Kagan: Apple MacOS Catalina burning customer satisfaction bridges

The new Apple MacOS Catalina operating system on my MacBook is a disaster. I knew from the last couple upgrades that I should not jump in when the new iOS was first introduced. I knew waiting a few months for them to work the kinks out is always the best bet. I knew that I should protect myself from the agony of another Apple screw-up. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to my better instincts.

Like millions of others I like Apple. I trust Apple, and I thought they would never do anything to hurt their users. I was wrong. In this respect, Apple has changed and not for the better. If they don’t straighten up their act, this will have negative impacts on the company.

Like you, I am very busy. I write my columns, reports, books, email, text, video conferencing, web research and so much more, without any problem. That was until Apple notified me of their new OS upgrade.

Then suddenly, my world collapsed as did the world of many other Apple users.

The choice: Upgrade to MacOS Catalina or wait?

We had a choice. We had the ability to avoid the upgrade, keep our sanity and protect our time. We get so used to MacOS updates, so to many of us just say OK. That was when we took the step that led us over the cliff.

Thanks Apple, for the warning. Wait. There was no warning.

We trust Apple to keep us updated. They let me and countless other users down. They were not there to protect their users. It seems they are no longer interested in user satisfaction, only investor satisfaction.

That is the big mistake Apple is making. And that’s the most important lesson here. You can no longer trust they are looking out for what’s in your best interest.

Apple has changed. Today, it seems all they care about is posting big numbers. They don’t really care about users, your time, your aggravation or your sanity.

Why does Apple rush out MacOS when it is not ready?

If they did, they wouldn’t rush out an upgrade every year before it is ready. They would make sure they protected their users. They would make sure their users don’t get stuck in Apple quicksand and have to deal with all the consequences for days, weeks or even months.

They would protect their valuable and loyal users from having to deal with the added expense of buying new equipment like printers that will work with the new MacOS. They would protect their users time and sanity.

They are jeopardizing the loyalty they have built up over the last few decades.

This new Apple MacOS Catalina upgrade cost me two days of time and aggravation. It ultimately forced me to buy new printers and live through so much aggravation.

All I wanted to do was throw the damn MacBook through the window.

Difference between Apple MacOS upgrades and updates

There are MacOS upgrades and updates. Updates are fine. They happen continually throughout the year and make the operating system work better.

On the other hand, upgrades are a crap shoot. They happen once a year and they change everything. They change things they should just leave alone. They make you have to learn the new version rather than just adding to the older version.

And they often are incompatible with other technology you use. Apple says their upgrades and updates are backwards compatible. They are not and I have the scars to prove it.

MacOS upgrades not backwards compatible

Apple should warn users before they upgrade to the next MacOS. They should remind users there may be problems that could occur until they figure out what’s no longer working and develop updates to fix them.

What I have learned is this. Apple updates are typically backwards compatible. However, Apple upgrades to the next generation of MacOS are not.

They should remind users that early adopters have to deal with the arrows that followers don’t have to deal with.

Apple should recommend users not upgrade their MacOS for a while if they want to continue to be happy and not have any problems.

Either that or Apple should simply wait and work the kinks out before they launch it. That way they won’t abuse their customers.

Apple customer abuse growing with MacOS Catalina

They should be fair to their users. They should protect their users. They are not. And this is a big mistake they are making for the long-term.

They apparently don’t care about their users. All they do is talk up the new MacOS and convince everyone to jump in, the waters fine. Only then do users find the water is full of alligators ready to attack.

Every public company must keep their shareholders happy. Granted. However, keeping shareholders happy means first keeping the customer happy. The reason is simple. Without happy customers, the company cannot keep shareholders happy.

To keep shareholders happy, first keep customers happy

This is where Apple has always shined until the last few years and this MacOS Catalina disaster is just another sad example.

Let me explain one of the problems I have experienced in the last few days after upgrading to MacOS Catalina. My printer no longer works. It prints, but it no longer scans, so I can no longer scan a document and email it. Something I needed to do several times, but suddenly could not.

How do I know it’s the new MacOS that’s the problem? Simple. Other devices, which I did not upgrade still work just fine. So, the problem is not with the printer. It’s with MacOS Catalina.

Plus, I have heard from countless other Apple users complaining about the same thing.

“I would have waited to upgrade if Apple would have warned me.” That’s what everyone says. They let countless of their key users down.

So, after spending several hours one afternoon trying everything I could think of, I finally went out and bought a new printer. It didn’t work either. So, I returned it and bought another printer. That didn’t work either.

Finally, the third printer worked right out of the box. That meant driving to the store three times. Finally, after spending two full afternoons on this issue, I finally got back to where I was a couple days ago.

What gives Apple the right to take valuable time away from their users? How many millions have the same problem, but don’t have a column to spread the word?

How many millions of hours have been wasted because of Apple?

What gives Apple the right to waste users time?

So, where can I send the bill for my lost time? This is the kind of mistake Apple never made in the past. However, in recent years it’s the kind of problem they are making all the time. Is this the new Apple? I hope not, but it sure looks like it is.

A very aggravated user shared, “Apple… who the hell do you think you are? Screwing around with the time and the lives of users should be criminal”.

Does this make it clear? The level of aggravation with regards to Apple is increasing, year after year. Sure, users still love them, but Apple is making it harder to do so.

Investors must be beginning to fear they will lose in the long run if this continues. Same with workers, partners and especially users.

I am still an Apple user, but I no longer think they are looking out for my best interest or the best interest of their users. They built a remarkable company under Steve Jobs. But today they are just wasting that asset and are just becoming another company. They are losing that something special that set them apart. That is very sad.


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