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Analyst Angle: Dynamic topology and predictive analytics in virtualized networks

A conversation with Anssi Tauriainen, Director of Service Assurance and Analytics, EXFO

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In this conversation with Anssi Tauriainen, the Director of Service Assurance and Analytics at EXFO, we talked about how analytics can help us optimize mobile networks today. Through analytics, a network operator can pull together multiple data sources to create a dynamic topology of the network and react to the location-specific conditions in order to optimize the network in real time. The increase in demand puts a lot of strain on operators, and analytics is the perfect tool to help them get the most out of their

EXFO’s focus is on “how analytics can be applied in a hybrid environment and in virtualized networks, and how analytics can support all of these transitions in understanding the increasing complexity of the network and of the infrastructure,” Anssi told us.

And to succeed, an end-to-end approach is needed, “you can’t actually just analyze the data from a single layer and expect to troubleshoot it, either manually or with an automated mechanism, without actually having the visibility across all of the layers,” Anssi added.

What’s next? Predictive and self-learning analytics methods, according to Anssi, that “can tell you what’s going to happen next – instead of, and in addition to, telling you what’s happening right now and how to fix it.”

This topic was further discussed on a webinar.
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Monica Paolini
Monica Paolini
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