Anritsu Mobile Interference Hunter

Quick. Reliable. Multi-Emitter.

Anritsu’s Mobile InterferenceHunter has multiple capabilities to make the user’s work easier and more accurate.

CATV Egress

CATV Egress, or leakage, can be a painful issue for LTE network operators. Legacy CATV systems often degrade over time, leading to multiple egress points. It’s not uncommon to encounter several hundred leakage points in a 100 by 100 block area. Since CATV is allowed to transmit on common LTE uplink frequencies, this can have a serious effect on LTE signal quality over a wide area. To further compound the problem, dedragration that occurs after an LTE system is installed is partially masked by LTE UE uplink transmissions.

The Mobile InterferenceHunter’s Multi-Emitter mode plots received channel power signal versus geographic location, showing power by the color of the plotted measurements. The Min-Hold mode screens out pulsed uplink transmissions, leaving only the constant power of the CATV egress to be measured and recorded.

Once recorded, the peak threshold can be re-adjusted if necessary and the result used to guide the last block signal source locating. It’s even possible to use multiple skill levels for these two tasks.

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