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The service assurance network revolution: Smart Data in the cloud

The service provider transition to software (NFV) and automation only increases the importance of service assurance

Increasing adoption by service providers of software defined networking and network functions virtualization techniques promises to add new levels of agility and flexibility to telecommunications networks. Cloud-based ecosystems will analyze and act on data in real-time, reallocating network resources to provide an optimal user experience across a data pipe that is customized to the requirements of myriad applications. But, as automation and orchestration replace people, the role of end-to-end service assurance becomes increasingly important.

The introduction of NFV and SDN is already proving time-consuming, costly and complex for service providers, and the process will only become more challenging amid the explosive growth of the internet of things (IoT) and the advent of commercial 5G networks. The light at the end of the tunnel is a unified air interface capable of provisioning bespoke connectivity for everything from cellular-based IoT systems with minimal capacity requirements to always-on, mission critical communications systems that absolutely require the ultra-low latency and multi-gigabit capacity of 5G. However, the path through this network revolution is fraught with challenges and risks.

The incredible and unwavering growth in data demand from both enterprises and consumers means service providers have to monitor an ever-increasing number of network touch points that span physical, virtual and hybrid systems. From a service assurance perspective, continuity is essential on the journey to the cloud. Visibility into traffic flows in both physical and virtual networks are needed to ensure network/application performance requirements are met in a dynamic way that incorporates all workflows and all environments.

As service providers compete on this digital battlefield, NETSCOUT has taken a disruptive pivot to a software-based instrumentation model to support the ongoing sea change in how service providers operate their networks. Providers delivering voice, video and data services over physical, virtual and hybrid networks can ensure service assurance continuity on the journey to the cloud while delivering lower costs, higher intelligence, and a continued carrier-grade experience. This approach foundationally transforms how operators continuously plan, deliver, integrate, test and deploy services and applications.

Bruce Kelley, CTO of the Service Provider Business at NETSCOUT added, “At NETSCOUT, we truly feel there is a network revolution happening now.  With our end-to-end coverage and patented Adaptive Service Intelligence™  (ASI) Smart Data technology, we are in a unique position to assist our service provider customer cost-effectively transition their network into the cloud during this revolution.  Our carrier-grade solutions provide higher intelligence allowing CSPs to trust their network and accelerate their services.”

The centrality of software means CSPs can spin up new services and applications cost-effectively and quickly, reducing time-to-market, improving competitiveness with over the top players, and realizing a quicker return on investment. This approach creates a virtuous cycle that serves to accelerate the shift to NFV, SDN, IoT and 5G.

But to be successful, service providers need total visibility into physical, virtual and hybrid environments . NETSCOUT’s  ASI™ Smart Data technology delivers high-definition, end-to-end visibility into control and user plane IP-traffic covering every aspect of your converged or standalone 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, fixed or cable network. Using industry standard APIs, real-time insight can trigger automated responses in support of engineering, operations and customer support business lines. Granular visibility at the system- and sub-system-level provides service assurance in an era of increasingly fast development and operations processes.

Taking an end-to-end approach to service assurance amid the ongoing network revolution reduces operational complexity, and cost, which leads to increased profitability and improved scalability. Bringing an all-software approach enables services providers to understand, predict, act and automate network functions, which in addition to saving the service provider money, delivers a more valuable experience to the end user.

To learn how ASI™ Smart Data leads to smarter decisions across your organization, join NETSCOUT at Mobile World Congress, February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona Spain in Hall 1, Stand 1C40. Click here to request a meeting with NETSCOUT representatives and take part in the network revolution.



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