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T-Mobile CEO and SVP respond to customer's email

T-Mobile brass personally respond to customer service compliment

Whether you’re a fan of T-Mobile US or not, it’s easy to see why customers have responded so strongly to the “Un-carrier” campaign led by CEO John Legere, who helped turn the carrier around and even overtake rival Sprint in terms of customers.
Case in point: Reddit user mintygumdude took to the T-Mobile US sub-Reddit on Thursday to share his experience.
“So after getting great customer service, I figured that I wanted to maybe get those people that helped me get a raise. So I emailed John Legere to let him know.”
In the email, mintygumdude wrote: “Hey! So I wanted to give some props to the following people from @TMobileHelp that were extremely helpful with my coverage issues at my dormitories, and even managed to get engineers to go out to a tower to help remedy the issue. Your customer service is a million times better than AT&T!”
The poster then name-checked four T-Mobile US customer service representatives who helped resolve his issue.
And here’s where Legere reminded us why he’s beloved by customers.
Callie Field is T-Mobile US’ SVP of customer care. She also responded directly to the customer thanking him for passing along his thoughts and “for being our customer.”
From there, Field took to Twitter to pass around compliments to the customer service reps involved in addressing the issue.
And it’s things like this that have earned Legere and T-Mobile US an almost cult-like (I mean that in a nice way) following.


Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief
Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief
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