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Google CEO envisions AI-dominated, deviceless future

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, emphasizes artificial intelligence, machine learning

Google is investing big in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which will set the stage for a transition from mobile-first to AI-first as devices fade away, Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a recent post to the company’s blog.
“Today’s proliferation of ‘screens’ goes well beyond phones, desktops and tablets,” Pichai wrote. “Already, there are exciting developments as screens extend to your car, like Android Auto, or your wrist, like Android Wear. Virtual reality is also showing incredible promise – Google Cardboard has introduced more than 5 million people to the incredible, immersive and educational possibilities of VR. Looking to the future, the next big step will be for the very concept of the ‘device’ to fade away. Over time, the computer itself – whatever its form factor – will be an intelligent assistant helping you through your day. We will move from mobile first to an AI-first world.”
To highlight investment around AI and machine learning, Pichai pointed to DeepMind, which hit a major milestone earlier this year.
Google AI program AlphaGo beat three-time European Champion Fan Hui. Go, which reportedly emerged in China around 548 B.C., is a strategy game involving two players putting black and white pieces on a partitioned playing surface.
The Google CEO also hit on the enterprise viability of AI tech.
“As we look to our long-term investments in our productivity tools supported by our machine learning and artificial intelligence efforts, we see huge opportunities to dramatically improve how people work,” Pichai said. “Your phone should proactively bring up the right documents, schedule and map your meetings, let people know if you are late, suggest responses to messages, handle your payments and expenses, etc. … For us, technology is not about the devices or the products we build. Those aren’t the end goals. Technology is a democratizing force, empowering people through information. Google is an information company. It was when it was founded, and it is today. And it’s what people do with that information that amazes and inspires me every day.”


Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief
Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief
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