YOU ARE AT:Network Function Virtualization (NFV)ETSI NFV work continues to gain steam, tackle challenges

ETSI NFV work continues to gain steam, tackle challenges

On this week’s NFV/SDN Reality Check, we speak with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute to get an update on the organization’s work in developing standards for NFV

ETSI initiated standards work for NFV back in late 2012, starting with collaboration with seven telecom network operators. The organization completed work on phase one of the project in early 2015, and is now working through phase three of its project with a focus on security.

The organization now counts more than 270 individual companies and 38 service providers as members on its work.

ETSI earlier this year said it had begun work on using open source software for management and orchestration of NFV, with a focus on delivering an open source MANO stack using “accepted open source tools and working procedures.”

This followed up an industry workshop held in Louisville, Colorado, designed to align cloud- and network- centric initiatives behind the move towards the deployment of NFV through automation. ETSI claimed the meeting was the first attended by “key standards organizations and open source communities” to work on alignment of NFV activities. Participants included the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, Broadband Forum, International Telecommunications Union, Open Cloud Connect, Open Networking Forum, OpenDaylight, Open Platform for NFV and the TM Forum.

On today’s show we have an interview with Diego Lopez, Technical Director at ETSI and Telefonica to discuss ETSI’s latest work targeting the NFV space, as well as challenges the organization feels still need to be tackled.

Lopez also put on his Telefonica hat to discuss opportunities and challenges telecom operators see in the push towards greater NFV adoption.

Make sure to check us out again next week when we are scheduled to speak with Ron Haberman from Nokia Networks to discuss the company’s CloudBand business as well as a look at the overall market maturation.

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