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#TBT: Sprint focused on iPhone buzz; Apple delays OS for iPhone … this week in 2007

Sprint was focused on the growing iPhone buzz, while Apple pushed off OS work to focus on iPhone development … 9 years ago this week

Editor’s Note: RCR Wireless News goes all in for “Throwback Thursdays,” tapping into our archives to resuscitate the top headlines from the past. Fire up the time machine, put on the sepia-tinted shades, set the date for #TBT and enjoy the memories!

Sprint Nextel’s Forsee paying close attention to iPhone buzz
The world is in the midst of a “mobility revolution” that is leading telecom companies to make huge investments in networks that will enable customers to engage in e-commerce or electronic banking on the go as easily as they do now from their desktop computers. That’s the view of Sprint Nextel Corp. CEO Gary Forsee, who spoke to a business group in Cleveland. “The need for access to data transcends whether you’re at work, at home or on the go,” Forsee said during his half-hour presentation about the future of the telecom business, which was followed by about 20 minutes of responding to audience questions. … Read More

Apple delays new Mac OS to finish work on iPhone
The much-hyped iPhone is apparently more important to Apple Inc. than the company’s desktop operating system, such that Apple announced it will delay the release of its Leopard OS from June to October because of the extra work required to hit the iPhone’s release date. “iPhone has already passed several of its required certification tests and is on schedule to ship in late June as planned. We can’t wait until customers get their hands (and fingers) on it and experience what a revolutionary and magical product it is,” Apple said in a press release that was surprising in its conversational, straightforward tone. … Read More

Frontline plan set for fast-track: FCC expects to move on 700 MHz plan by month’s end
The Federal Communications Commission is set to launch a fast-track rulemaking on Frontline Wireless L.L.C.’s public-safety broadband plan and other issues not resolved in next week’s scheduled decision on commercial 700 MHz rules. An apparent casualty of the latest developments is the 700 MHz broadband optimization plan sought by Access Spectrum L.L.C. and Pegasus Communications Corp., which proposed shifting around frequencies to gain an additional 3 megahertz of spectrum for public safety. But there were fears doing so might put the FCC on shaky legal ground if the move was deemed an illegal reallocation of spectrum. … Read More

Palm’s outlook, RIM’s results: Palm quashes M&A talk while RIM deals with fickle investors
Both companies’ stock has been bid up, though for opposite reasons, and both companies seek to expand their traditional markets by intruding on the others’ turf. They both make smartphones for a dedicated cadre of end users in North America, and they’re expanding to other geographic markets. That may be where the short list of similarities between Research In Motion Ltd. and Palm Inc. ends, except for the competition between them in the United States. “The RIM Pearl probably is the most popular smartphone in the United States right now,” said Todd Kort, analyst at Gartner. “Palm Treos probably are second.” … Read More

Customer care: CRM companies look to wireless for increased productivity
Wireless technology is aiding various industries in serving their customers better by gaining efficiencies as they mobilize their workforces and enable a higher level of customer service-and increasingly, businesses are demanding wireless as part of their overall customer relationship management strategy. According to Richard Smith, vice president of CRM strategy for Green Beacon Solutions, the company’s customers are making renewed demands for wireless access to CRM data. “It’s making it possible for clients to take care of the critical things [they]need decisions on in a moment, and [they’re] not in front of their laptop, then handle the more complex tasks when they’re back in the office sitting in front of a laptop or a desktop,” Smith said. … Read More

Antiquated views on mobile waste $2 billion annually: Businesses that cover wireless bills raise productivity
Businesses in the United States are wasting in excess of $2 billion each year by not paying their mobile employees’ wireless bills, according to research from In-Stat. These findings should lead carriers to convince their business customers to apply more enlightened policies, increase productivity and security and save money, while increasing overall airtime for the carriers, said Bill Hughes, principal analyst at the research firm. Relying on mobile employees to pay their own bill or submit expense accounts to address the cost poses a threat to security and wastes time and money, according to the analyst. When a business pays, mobile employees spend nearly triple the number of minutes per month on business calls than if the employees personally foot the bill. … Read More

Nokia and Qualcomm: The battle continues
Nokia Corp. and Qualcomm Inc. both insisted this week that they continue to talk, seeking only fair and reasonable terms in an agreement critical to both parties’ financial future, after their 2001 cross-licensing agreement expired at midnight on April 9. Meanwhile, however, both parties continued to appeal to the court of public opinion. Over the past year, each side has attempted to position itself on the technical, legal and moral high ground with a succession of claims, charges and counter-arguments as they approached the agreement’s expiration. … Read More

Alcatel-Lucent, Datang Mobile to build TD-SCDMA for China Mobile
Alcatel-Lucent and Datang Mobile scored big wins as China Mobile tapped the companies for a TD-SCDMA trial network expansion program. Datang and Alcatel Shanghai Bell will provide technology for expansion of the 3G network in the cities of Shangai and Guangzhou. Datang is a leading TD-SCDMA developer, and in 2004 forged a strategic partnership with Alcatel to further the technology. The move appears to be one of the first substantial contract awards for TD-SCDMA technology. TD-SCDMA is China’s homegrown 3G standard. Shares of Alcatel-Lucent inched upward on the news, gaining 17 cents, or a little more than 1 percent, to $12.52. … Read More

NextWave acquires IPWireless in $100M deal
NextWave Wireless Inc. announced it will purchase TD-CDMA supplier IPWireless Inc. for $25 million in cash and $75 million in stock. The ultimate purchase price could increase to $235 million by 2010 if IPWireless manages to achieve “certain revenue milestones,” although NextWave did not provide specifics. “IPWireless and NextWave will work together to expand IPWireless’ product portfolio to incorporate WiMAX and/or Wi-Fi technologies for those service providers and equipment vendors that require such solutions,” said Allen Salmasi, chairman and CEO of NextWave. “IPWireless’ excellent global track record, including their successful introduction and commercialization of TD-CDMA technology, their development of several industry-first wireless broadband technologies, and their recent introduction of TDtv clearly demonstrate their strong capacity for technical innovation and the clear value they will bring to NextWave.” … Read More

Nokia Siemens Networks launches with lowered growth expectations
The new joint venture known as Nokia Siemens Networks officially began operations April 1, but it didn’t want to fool anyone: growth in the networks sector will be “very slight” this year, the company said. The new company announced it will begin life as a major player with the objective of becoming the top infrastructure vendor-but in the last of nine paragraphs extolling its potential, the company dampened short-term expectations. … Read More

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