YOU ARE AT:Network InfrastructureRadisys joins Open Compute Project; launches OCP-based solution

Radisys joins Open Compute Project; launches OCP-based solution

Radisys also announced DCEngine for hyperscale data centers

SAN JOSE, California – In conjunction with the March 8 kick off of the Open Compute Project Summit 2016, Radisys announced it joined the Open Compute Project and launched a product based on the groups standards designed for hyperscale data center use.

Founded in 2011, the Open Compute Project is a nonprofit geared toward reimagining the design of server, storage and other data center hardware with the goal of driving scalable computing through sharing of information and technical specifications.

Radisys’ deep technical expertise and core competence in communications platforms and complex telecom software aligns perfectly with the evolving OCP mission and the interest of many of our newest communication service provider members,” said Amber Graner, operations director and community manager for OCP. “We look forward to collaborating closely with the Radisys team and look forward to their participation in the OCP community.”

Radisys CTO Andrew Alleman said the company has been involved in open initiatives for more than two decades.

Our involvement in OCP reaffirms our commitment to the open hardware and open source movement, while giving Radisys an opportunity to influence OCP efforts to address the unique challenges of data centers designed for real-time communication services. Our market-leading portfolio of products that extend from access technologies (CellEngine), to the core of the network (DCEngine, FlowEngine) and into the [IP multimedia subsystem] services plane (MediaEngine) enable Radisys to bring a relevant and unique perspective to OCP. We look forward to becoming an active contributor in the Open Compute community.”

Radisys said the DCEngine was designed using the open technical specs aggregated by OCP and developed with telecom service providers in mind. The new solution supports software-defined services and is meant to drive development operations agility.

Radisys initially shipped the DCEngine late last year to “one of the world’s largest mobile operators,” according to the company. “Additional meaningful deployments are anticipated as this operator continues to build out its infrastructure, with other trials with service providers and cable operators around the globe expected to accelerate over the course of this year.”

“As Verizon introduces open, flexible technology that paves the way for central office transformation, we look to companies like Radisys to assist us in that journey,” said Damascene Joachimpillai, architect, cloud hardware, network and security for Verizon Labs. “Network modernization will rely on solutions such as DCEngine that meet service provider needs with open source hardware and software technologies.”


Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief
Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief
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