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Meeting carrier network service levels

How vendors are using virtualization technologies to meet carrier network service levels

One challenge for telecom operators as they move towards the rollout of virtualized platforms using network functions virtualization, software-defined networking and cloud technologies is their need for carrier-grade platforms that can provide the service level they have become known for while at the same time increasing their agility and network performance.

Stratus Technologies is looking to help in that process targeting telecom operators with a software platform it says is focused on high availability and the ability to meet carrier-grade needs. This week we spoke with Jason Andersen, VP of business line management at Stratus, on what impact NFV, SDN and cloud deployments from telecom and mobile operators were having on its platform plans; how important carrier-grade solutions are to support virtualization deployments; and how those needs being addressed by virtualized-based solutions.

Andersen also touched on what approaches he saw emerging that are enabling carrier-grade solutions to support virtualization deployments; what impact Stratus expects from the development and deployment of new mobile technologies and services like “5G” and the “Internet of Things” in terms of virtualization technologies; and what are some of the bigger challenges Stratus sees in terms of the continued deployment of NFV, SDN and cloud platforms by telecom and mobile operators?

Make sure to join us on Aug. 21 for our next live episode of NFV/SDN Reality Check when we are scheduled to speak with Sven Freudenfeld, business development for telecom and cloud infrastructure at Kontron.

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