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Adult video consumption set to explode thanks to 4G, LTE

New report from Juniper Research predicts 55% increase in adult video consumption by 2020

Adult video content is set to explode across the mobile space, with a new report suggesting each smartphone user that accesses such content will watch nearly one adult video each day this year, sparked by increased availability of “4G” and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Juniper Research said it expects 136 billion adult videos will be watched this year on a smartphone, with that number predicted to hit 193 billion in 2020. The U.S. is expected to post the greatest net growth in viewed content, while developing markets are predicted to see a “marked increase” in usage levels.

Despite the strong increase in consumption, Juniper Research said it expects revenue growth to be “steady rather than spectacular over the next five years” due to “the continued prevalence and accessibility of free content.” Segments, including video chat and webcam “offerings” are expected to “outperform the overall sector.”

Subscription access is expected to provide for monetization of viewed content as opposed to pay-per-view models, with Juniper claiming “a significant proportion of users preferred to revisit the same hostess as a rationale underpinning this trend.”

Video access is expected to hit revenues generated by text-messaging services, with Juniper Research stating a majority of text message-based access will occur in India. A growing market is expected to evolve through augmented reality, though usage will likely remain across a “niche user base.”

Monetization of adult content has been a tricky proposition for the mobile industry as operators in some countries – mostly the U.S. and Canada – don’t want to be seen as benefiting from the industry, while other markets are more open to the content.

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