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Big Data & Analytics: Measuring QoE at the World Cup

Telefonica Global Solutions deployed Mobileum’s RoamFix for Customer Experience Management to monitor subscriber experience during this year’s FIFA World Cup.
Mobileum said that more than 600,000 international tourists are expected to visit Brazil during the World Cup, and that Telefonica will use its solution to test and monitor roaming agreements with other operators.
Mobileum said that Telefonica will also be using “robots installed in strategic locations in host cities and technologies based on users’ mobile phones to produce measurements of 3G and LTE in [stadiums], media centers, hotels, embassies and airports.”
Read more of RCR Wireless News’ coverage on wireless network preparations for the World Cup here and here.
–There are “clear correlations” between mobile phone usage habits and banking behavior and opportunities for banking inclusion via the mobile channel, according to a project by the Brussels-based World Savings & Retail Banking Institute and mobile data analytics company Cignifi.

In a recent five-month study conducted in Ghana (which has high mobile phone usage rates, but low banking rates), analysis of data on about 180,000 bank customers showed an opportunity for engaging potential bank customers through their mobile devices. In particular, some customers showed high levels of engagement with financial services, but had low savings balances.

CodeFutures is launching a private beta version of a big data platform for stream processing of data for large enterprises, online gaming, interactive-mobile and other applications. AgilData “allows organizations to view data as a real-time stream,” according to CodeFutures’ CEO, Cory Isaacson.
“This is a fundamental shift from current approaches that view databases as a static repository – one that grows in complexity, is hard to manage and requires a continuous escalation of resources to maintain, let alone mine strategic value,” added Isaacson.
AgilData is designed to let developers “query the stream” in real time, CodeFutures said, and supports data structures for applications requirements as well as real-time executive dashboards for managers.
CodeFuture’s clients include T-Mobile, Verizon Communications, Siemens, and large financial organizations and enterprises.
–Mobile Internet company Cheetah Mobile has agreed to buy mobile advertising firm HongKong Zoom Interactive Network Marketing Technology, which is an authorized reseller of Facebook ads in China and a reseller for Google ads, among others. Cheetah said that it plans to integrated HongKong Zoom Interactive’s advertiser resources and its marketing performance analytics to strengthen its mobile monetization efforts.
The purchase price of up to $30 million includes $20 million in cash and the remainder in Cheetah stock.


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